Sunday, February 21, 2010


Its amazing where we find inspiration. I have to show you this lovely little cotton blanket/throw my wonderful mum bought me for Christmas. I have started to look for similar coloured fabrics so that I can make something to go with it. I just love the lacy edges. I hope the photo does the wonderful colours justice.

Last weekend my daughter dragged me off to Darling Harbour for the Fashion Expo. I'm kidding - I didn't have to be dragged, what sane woman would not like to see those massive halls filled with fashion, handbags, jewelery and shoes, yes shoes?? It was great to see what's coming to a store near you! After oooing and aahhing all morning we finished the expo and headed to Kinokunia bookstore in George Street. I have never been before and was totally awestruck. My daughter was able to snaffle some great fashion and pattern books (they had 20% off all craft books - sale might still be on?) and I was in my element in the quilting and craft section. I managed to pick up Robert Shaw's book which has the original Phebe Warner Coverlet in. Lovely book. I also got stuck for quite a while in the Japanese section.

Bought these lovely books - such a shame I can't read them - but the photos are just glorious. This first book is by Yoko Saito and has some fabulous patchwork bags. She does some incredible work.The Quilts Japan also has some great pictures - like I said, very inspirational.
I'm a sucker for anything to do with hexagons, so these little bits and pieces just have to go on the 'to do' list.
The last thing I have to show you is my
progress on the Ice Cream Quilt.
This is just a doddle - I'm not a machine person at all but this is just fabulous for all those like me who like their hand work but would like a bit of a quick fix quilt too. I've only got four more 'rounds' to go and the reason I haven't done them yet is that I can't decide which fabrics to use. I want to make sure the last few rounds fit because I'm really pleased with the look of the colours so far. They looked a bit dark in the pile but seem to have 'lightened' up as I've stitched them - yes I'm going a little crazy. Hope you like it!


  1. I just adore that throw - the colors, the pattern, the lacy edge. I'd love to make one like it sometime.

    Your blog is wonderful - a great start. Have fun with it!!!

  2. The icecream quilt looks delicious so far. The throw is beautiful.I love that book store you went to, I go there everytime I'm in Sydney.

  3. Gorgeous throw..pretty colours..
    Julia ♥

  4. The ice-cream quilt is going to be yummy, and what a great quick fix. I do things like that. I too am hooked on Japanese books. Neither can I read a word but luckily the diagrams are brilliant and with a bit of know how they can be worked out. Their bags are just so delightful that I want to make them all. Can a girl have too many bags?

  5. Love the Japanese magazines.
    I have just finished my Ice cream top and now I will think about if I hand or machine quilt it.


  6. I wish I could find all the Japanese magazines I see around blogland.

    Inspiration definitely comes in many, many forms - what a wonderful world we live in.

    Welcome to the Land of Blog - I'll be back to visit again.

  7. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! I also love Japanese quilts!
    It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Yours, Ulla

  8. Hi, just discovered your blog, with the few quilts you have shown in your posts I am dying to see more, how about a bloggy show and tell of some more please!! Beautiful applique in your header. Welcome to the world of blogging (belated).